Why are we reviewing essay writing services?

We are an independent reviewing company. We are not paid for reviews and we do not pay other people for reviews. Our primary aim is to separate the good essay writing companies from the bad ones. Poor quality essay writing services cost students thousands of dollars per year, and some students that use poor quality essay writing services are often forced out of college or university. In the UK alone, over 45,000 student have been caught using essay writing services because they handed in poor quality work from poor quality writing services.

The students that are able to use essay writing services and hand it in as their own are students that use top-quality essay writing services. These are writing services that produce original (non-plagiarized) essays and that maintain 100% confidentiality for the students. In the UK alone, there are believed to be over 1,120,000+ students that use essay writing services at least once, so it is unfair that 45,000 of them be caught out because a poor quality essay writing service took their money and messed them around. That is why we exist. We are here to lower that number and ensure that poor quality and scammer essay writing companies are not allowed to get away with it.

Who are we?

We used to be students ourselves, and now we publish journals within our respective subjects and industries. We find it abhorrent that essay writing services are able to run free and rip off students without consequence to them. By the time their online reputation is ruined, they have often closed down their website and started a new one. This is unacceptable to us, so we review writing services to see how good they are.

We make orders to writing companies and review them. If their work is good, then we sell on the essays on the free-market to recoup some of our money. The companies that produce poor quality essays are lobbied for a refund and we take as much legal action as we can. We also ensure we write a terrible review about them on our website.

Would you like to join us?

We are a non-profit team and we are not looking for full-time staff. However, if you have had an experience with an essay writing company and would like to give your opinion, then get in touch and let us know. We do allow students to give their opinions and even their own reviews. We do not pay for contributions, as we do not want to be accused of sponsoring posts in any way.