From the first moments we landed on, we noticed that there is one essential page missing – the one with prices. Therefore, this essay service is not transparent at all. Students cannot know how much the order will cost till they place an actual order. But in this way, customers cannot compare prices with those offered by other websites. How does the team want to attract clients if they don’t display the quotes? In the end, the overall impression is not that positive, as there are lots of improvements needed.


The services page is really poor. It only contains a small list with the following assignments: assessment help, research work, online report writing, essay writing, term papers and summaries, case-study assessment, power-point presentations, business plans and thesis. But then, at the bottom of the page, we found tons of other services available, divided on categories of different subjects, and one column with premium services. Thus, the company states to also deliver papers on basic subjects like education, sports, media, religion, music, accounting, recruitment, real estate, tourism, hospitality and so on. The engineering subjects include chemistry, architecture, geography, mathematics, physics, science and more. The additional subjects section covers anthropology, biology, history, sociology, administration, management, marketing, public relationships, etc. The premium services include papers like essay, term paper, dissertation, annotated bibliography, admission essay, classic English literature, and more. However, all these services are not accessible to the public without a list of prices and an instant calculator.


As stated before, does not offer price quotes for its services. As a consequence, customers cannot say if the total sum they receive is fair or not. Moreover, this method makes it impossible for clients to find if the team charges everybody the same. Not to mention that the lack of transparent prices keeps students from comparing the quotes with the ones offered by competitors.
After getting in touch with the customer support center, we found that the price for a paper on English Literature, due to be delivered in 48 hours is $18. We cannot say that the quote is high, but the question is – at this price, how is the quality delivered?

Discounts and special offers

The offer of the moment says that all urgent orders benefit from 15% discount. And this should be all. Unfortunately, there are no other discounts or free features mentioned on the website. review