There are few essay services that fully commit themselves to just one brand principle, especially when it includes deadlines. As an essay writing service, they run the risk of ruining their credibility every time they write an essay because if it is not done quickly, then their brand principle around getting essays to you quickly is damaged. Despite their risky marketing, they have so far held true to their word. They are able to create reasonably good essays in a very short space of time. They do not sacrifice essay quality for timeliness. They get it done on time and they do a reasonably good job of it.



They do not have the highest standards when it comes to work quality. They are very keen to get your essay out to you as quickly as possible so that it hits your deadline. However, that is not to say that their essay quality is bad. They are very able to produce premium quality essays, but that is not the reason that people use this service. They use this service because they have run out of time with their essay and they need it doing quickly. If this sounds like a situation you are in, then this may be the company you are looking for.


We found that their prices are slightly above the industry average. For example, a page that is due in ten days may cost $22.95 and one that is due in a few hours may cost $54.95. These are a little higher than the average prices because of the way they hire and train their writers. All of their writers are experts at getting work done very quickly without compromising the quality of the work. These degree-educated staff members therefore require a higher wage in order to fulfil their duties, which is why this writing company charges just a little more for its essay services.

Discounts and special offers

As with many Australian essay writing services, there are discounts for people that have never used the service before. Our essay writing services reviews note that they have a 15% discount for new users if their order is above $30. They also have 5%, 10% and 15% discounts if you buy 15+, 51+ or 101+ pages respectively. The more you buy, then the cheaper your essay or project becomes. These discounts may help lower their otherwise slightly higher service prices.

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